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About the Author

Short bio:

Miriam Forster loves science, history, and animals, especially the weird prehistoric ones. She’s been a waiter, a barista, a daycare worker, a bookseller, and she is currently an author of young adult fiction, and a fact checker for children’s books. Forster lives in Oregon with her family. 

Longer bio:

Miriam Forster grew up an undiagnosed autistic kid at the edge of a wildlife refuge. She learned to read at the age of five, wrote her first story at the age of seven, and spent her childhood birdwatching, rescuing turtles and playing with her microscope. As an adult, she collects dinosaurs and fun facts about almost anything. 

She's the author of the fantasy duology City of a Thousand Dolls and Empire of Shadows, and is making her nonfiction debut with Sharks a Mighty, Bite-y History. 

Miriam is a recovering retail worker, and fact checker  who lives in Oregon with her husband, child, and a grumpy old cat. 

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